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A Little about myself.

Raised and still living in Lincoln, I married my high school sweetheart Jen after graduating from Lincoln High in 1996. Shortly after graduation I joined the US ARMY and served in numerous places like Fort Sill, Oklahoma; Fort Riley, Kansas; and several camps in South Korea for over a year.

After my departure and duties to the military, my wife and I started a family and are now raising two beautiful girls; Jasmine and Jessica.

I enjoy attending my daughters' functions, taking walks at Lincoln Woods with my family, and drives to Galilee. My  weaknesses are antique cars and hotrods. You can find me in my garage working on mine any free time I get. Always being a gear-head, I love to restore them and race the ones I build at the drag strip.


Why I started Titan.

You can say I am a perfectionist, and I was always convinced I would own my own company working with tools and my hands. I love the feeling of a job well done and an honest day of hard work.

I promised myself to keep the company on a smaller scale so I will have eyes on all aspects of the projects.

I stepped into the corporate world after my military obligation and learned a great deal of business management. However, I felt myself pulled to repairing everything within my work place. Well it was hard to make repairs in a suit. I followed my passion, changed careers, and gained the skill set I needed to open my own home improvement company. Many years later here I am building customers for life with some basic principles. Do right by the customer, do quality work, and have fun.


Life is good.


Joseph Felicio, Owner & Foreman

Titan Home Improvement and Repair, LLC


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