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Our Services

For start to finish photos of our jobs, please check out our Facebook page by using the link.

We at Titan Home Improvement and Repair, LLC offers many services. Having remodeled, built or repaired all aspects of a home. Give us a call for a fair price, quality craftsmanship and great customer service

Titan Bathroom Before, Lincoln 2014
Titan Bathroom After, Lincoln 2014
Cedar siding A
Cedar siding B
Ceiling & mantle A
Ceiling & mantle B
Deck & railing A
Deck & railing B
Finished basement A
Finished basement B
Fireplace A
Fireplace B
Room remodel A
Room remodel B
Stairs & stringers A
Stairs & stringers B
Wall refinishing A
Wall refinishing B
Water damage A
Water damage B
Titan Bathroom Rehab After 2014
Titan Bathroom Rehab Before 2014
New deck
Accent wall & fireplace remodel B
Accent wall & fireplace remodel A
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